Customers Visiting Cyber Cafe
Customers Visiting Cyber Cafe
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Format for Maintaining Log Details(Records) About Customers Visiting Cyber Cafe

Order in urgent case of nuisance or apprehension of danger
(See section 144)
The Code of Criminal Procedure – 1973 (ACT II- 1974)

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Where as information has been received that due to the prevailing situation in the limits of all the police stations under the control of the Commissioner of Police, Brihan Mumbai, it is apprehended that terrorists, anti social elements may take disadvantage of Cyber Cafes in the Brihan Mumbai Police Commissionerate area and there is every likely hood of breach of peace and disturbance of Public tranquility and there is grave danger to human lives, safety as well as Injury to public property, AND WHEREAS it is necessary that in order to keep checks on the cyber cafes , so that the terrorist/ antisocial elements through cyber cafes do not cause disturbance in the area of Brihan Mumbai and immediate action is necessary for the prevention of wrong use of the cyber cafe.

NOW THEREFORE, I  Anami Narayan Roy, Commissioner of Police, Brihan Mumbai City in  exercise of power conferred  upon me, by section 144 of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (Act II of 1974) do hereby order that, all the cyber cafe owners / conductors should not allow to use the cyber cafe services without the following directions. 
(1) No visitors are allowed to enter  Cyber Cafe without producing any authentic photo- I.D. card like the Passport, College Identity card, Pan card, Election Identity Card, Motor Driving Licence, Office Identity card etc.
(2) Every Cyber Cafe owner/manager shall to maintain a physical log book of users to be filled in by the user it self in the following form.

Start Time
End Time
Full Name, address, age, Gender X Telephone Number of user / visitor
Type of
Photo Identification  produced
Purpose for visiting cyber cafe
web surf / E mail/ Chat etc.
Initial of conductor /manager
Signature of user

(3)Conductor / owner of the cyber cafe should maintain log records of the users and should produce before police on demand for inspection:

2]         This order will come in to force with effect from 0000 hrs. of 3rd  December  2006 and shall be effective for a period of 1 month , up to 2400 hrs. of 3rr January 2006.

Any person contravening this order shall be punished under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

As the notice can not be served individually on all concerned, it shall be published for information of the Public through the press and by affixing copies of the notice on the notice board of the Police Stations, Divisional ACPs, Zonal DCPs and the copies be furnished to the municipal ward offices and by affixing copies at Tahsil & Ward offices. The Police officers will also promulgate this order as per the provisions section 163 of Bombay Police Act.



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