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Asia Pacific Cyberlaw Forum (APCF)

Asia Pacific Cyberlaw Forum (APCF) is committed to the cause of development of strong, logical and vibrant Cyberlaws in different countries of Asia Pacific. Historically speaking, Internet has been basically a United States phenomenon. The early adoption and widespread usage of Internet by the western world made sure that some of the early Cyberlaws came into being in the western world. Asia Pacific as a region seems to be far behind in the field of enacting Cyberlaws for regulating activities of netizens in cyber space. Barring a handful of countries in Asia Pacific, most of the countries in this region have low Internet penetration and consequently, have not felt the need to legislate Cyberlaws. However, given the way Internet is rapidly growing, it would only be a matter of time before all the countries in Asia Pacific will be constrained to enact and adopt Cyberlaws.

Asia Pacific Cyberlaw Forum (APCF) aims to become the focal point for giving appropriate inputs to all governments of Asia Pacific in the field of drafting, enacting and adopting Cyberlaws. APCF is committed to the fact that Asia Pacific nations should not reinvent the wheel. Asia Pacific nations should learn from the previous wisdom and practical experiences of other nations in the world who have enacted and implemented Cyberlaws APCF aims to become a rallying point for research, brainstorming, information and all kinds of matters concerning Cyberlaw in Asia and Pacific.

APCF would coordinate with Cyberlaw Asia, being Asia's premier membership based Cyberlaw body, in spreading more awareness about different facets of Cyberlaw.

The Chairman of APCF is Mr. Pavan Duggal, Asia's leading authority and expert on Cyberlaw.

The secretariat of APCF is based in Delhi and would be located at C2/60, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058, India.

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Latest News

20 November 2010
30-Month Sentence For Bot Nets Used To Obtain Information From Other Computer Systems
19 October 2010
Computer Specialist Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud Committed through Hacking, Botnets, Spam and Market Manipulation