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Section No

V 14 Secure Electronic Record

Where any security procedure has been applied to an electronic record at a specific point of time, then such record shall be deemed to be a secure electronic record from such point of time to the time of verification.

15 Secure Electronic Signature (Substituted vide ITAA 2008)

An electronic signature shall be deemed to be a secure electronic signature if-

(i)  the signature creation data, at the time of affixing signature, was under the exclusive control of signatory and no other person; and
(ii)  the signature creation data was stored and affixed in such exclusive manner as may be prescribed

Explanation- In case of digital signature, the "signature creation data" means the private key of the subscriber

16 Security procedures and Practices (Amended vide ITAA 2008)

The Central Government may for the purposes of sections 14 and 15 prescribe the security procedures and practices

Provided that in prescribing such security procedures and practices, the Central Government shall have regard to the commercial circumstances, nature of transactions and such other related factors as it may consider appropriate.

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