Do and don't for mobile user
Do and don't for mobile user
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Do and don't for mobile user

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  • Please do not click photographs without permission by your  mobile phones. You are invading the privacy.
  • Do not send obscene/pornographic text, images. SMS.
  •  Do not send obscene/pornographic text, MMS (multimedia messaging service)
  •  Do not receive from or reply to sms/mms of strangers.
  •  Do not transmit obscene/ pornographic material, as it is an offence under Information Technology act –2000.punishment         is 5 yrs imprisonment and 1lac rupees fine.
  •  Do not call to the unknown phone/mobile numbers you get while chatting or exhibited on various profiles on Internet.  Which you are not familiar with. If you do you may be causing harassment on behalf of other person.
  •  Do not keep your Blue tooth  open to all,  you may receive obscene/phornographic text, images and viruses.
  •  Do not give your mobile numbers while chatting on INTERNET to avoid “STALKING”.
  •  DO not handover your mobile phone to unauthorised service center, to avoid CLONING.


  • Note down your IMEI number.
  • Security pin code should be used to avoid misuse of your mobile phones.
  •  mms/sms received should be checked before opening the message.
  •  Delete obscene/phornographic text, images. SMS/MMS.from your mobile phones.
  •  Anti-virus software should be loaded in the mobile phone.
  •  Mobile phone keypad should be locked after every use.
  •  Use your mobile phone when necessary

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