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Juhu police arrest 5 Nigerians

06 March 2007

Mumbai: Juhu police arrested five Nigerian nationals for their alleged involvement in an inter-state job racket.

The arrested have been identified as Vinset Mezek (26), Ogobol Tony (25), Kovhni Okosav (35), Charles Niogo (21) and Odirom Babatude (26). One person named Terri, who is a wanted in the case, is at large, say police.

According to the police, the accused used to sent mails to people about vacancies in hotels outside India. If anyone responded, they would ask him to deposit money in their bank accounts in Mumbai. However, once they received the money, they would never contact the person. Although the accused have admitted to have duped only one person of Rs 1.2 lakh, the police say that they may have cheated many more in Mumbai and in other cities.

The whole matter came to light after Prabhat Singh, a resident of Orrisa, lodged a complaint with the Juhu police. Singh had paid Rs 1.2 lakh to an unidentified person for a job in the UK. He was never contacted after that.

“During our course of investigation, we tracked the account numbers where the money was deposited. We also tracked down the e-mail ID and the mobile numbers from which the mails and messages were sent,” said PD Shinde, senior police inspector at Juhu police station.


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