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Man arrested in a cyber fraud case

06 March 2007

TRIVANDRUM — 4 March 2007 : The city police arrested a 27-year-old man for allegedly cheating a Mumbai based software engineer through the Internet by posing as a woman and stealing money from his bank account.

Rajesh, a resident of Ambalamukku, runs an Internet cafe at Chenthitta. After befriending the engineer through chat, Rajesh posed as 'Renuka' and used a voice converter to disguise his voice, Sub-Inspector, Thampanoor police station Sheen Tharayil said.

He later forwarded a photo from a marriage bureau to the engineer, who provided a credit card and code to 'Renuka' to withdraw Rs2,500 for purchasing a flight ticket to Mumbai. The engineer even booked a room for 'Renuka' who failed to turn up. Enquiries revealed that Rs22,000 was withdrawn using the credit card

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