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Mcommerce Law

The coming of the Internet has really changed perceptions, behaviors, societies and nations at large. It has changed the way we perceive, the way we interact and the way we do commerce. Internet has really enabled the making of electronic commerce as a practical reality.

The emergence of other technologies notably wireless technologies have resulted in a new dimension for the applicability of electronic commerce. This is a new emergent field of Mobile Commerce or m-commerce. M-Commerce is a new method of commerce that takes place on and through the medium of wireless applications, sets ,mobile phones and the like.

Mobile commerce is expected to be the dominant form of electronic commerce in the times to come, especially with the proliferation, growth and penetration of mobiles and other handheld devices . Mobile commerce is a reality today , but its adoption by large numbers would transform it into a practical mass revolution and reality.

The emergence of Mobile commerce or mobile commerce is resulting in highly technical disputes, doubts and complicated questions of law which have a direct bearing on the future growth of mobile commerce. As such the discipline of Mobile Commerce Law or M-COMMERCE LAW is the latest to be emerging in the field of Cyberlaw. This is a highly specialized and nische field of Cyberlaw which is developing through out the world, as till date there has no uniformity of approach as to the adoption of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) as the universal mobile commerce technology platform and protocol.

This website enables you to keep up with the latest developments in mobile commerce law. The site has its Chief Advisory in Mr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and one of the leading Cyberlaw experts through out the world and the pioneering M-Commerce law expert.

Latest News

20 November 2010
30-Month Sentence For Bot Nets Used To Obtain Information From Other Computer Systems
19 October 2010
Computer Specialist Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud Committed through Hacking, Botnets, Spam and Market Manipulation