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10 January 2007

The Cyber Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police arrested a 30-year old Nigerian on Monday for allegedly duping 26 customers of the ICICI Bank to the tune of Rs 6. 93 lakh.

Abdul Rehman Azocz would send fake e-mail to the bank’s customers with the intention to cheat, mislead and defraud the bank customers and illegally collecting the information from the bank customers and infringe the website of ICICI Bank and carrying out illegal transactions causing loss to the customers.

Sources said the accused identified as Abdul Rehman Azocz, resident of house no 23, Ofim street, Lagos Island. Lagos. In Mumbai, he was put up at a lodge at Pydhonie from where he was arrested on Monday. The additional chief metropolitan magistrate’s court at Esplanade remanded Azocz to custody till January 23 after Sections 419, 420, 468,469 and 471 of IPC were pressed against him.

A Cyber Crime Branch officer told DNA that Azocz was arrested after he contacted Ms Basra alias Shanu, an account holder with ICICI Bank, through email and fraudulently transferred money from her account last week. Basra then informed the bank authority, which in turn turned the matter to Cyber Crime Cell. The police officials traced Azocz with the help of IT experts.

Complainant Samir Dabral, 30, assistant manager of Risk Containment Unit in ICICI Bank told DNA, “ There are 26 customers in Mumbai and other cities in India, who have been duped to the tune of Rs 6.93 lakh. Moreover, the bank has not warned its customers, through email or otherwise, about providing user information via fake e-mails or fake webpages.”

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