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Three people held guilty in on line credit card scam

Date: February 28, 2007

Customers credit card details were misused through online means for booking air-tickets. These culprits were caught by the city Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in pune. It is found that details misused were belonging to 100 people.

Mr. Parvesh Chauhan, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance officer had complained on behalf of one of his customer. In this regard Mr. Sanjeet Mahavir Singh Lukkad, Dharmendra Bhika Kale and Ahmead Sikandar Shaikh were arrested. Lukkad being employeed at a private institution, Kale was his friend. Shaiklh was employed in one of the branches of State Bank of India .

According to the information provided by the police, one of the customer received a SMS based alert for purchasing of the ticket even when the credit card was being held by him. Customer was alert and came to know something was fishy; he enquired and came to know about the misuse. He contacted the Bank in this regards. Police observed involvement of many Bank s in this reference.

The tickets were book through online means. Police requested for the log details and got the information of the Private Institution. Investigation revealed that the details were obtained from State Bank of India . Shaikh was working in the credit card department; due to this he had access to credit card details of some customers. He gave that information to Kale. Kale in return passed this information to his friend Lukkad. Using the information obtained from Kale Lukkad booked tickets. He used to sell these tickets to customers and get money for the same. He had given few tickets to various other institutions.

Cyber Cell head DCP Sunil Pulhari and PI Mohan Mohadikar A.P.I Kate were involved in eight days of investigation and finally caught the culprits.

In this regards various Banks have been contacted; also four air-line industries were contacted.
DCP Sunil Pulhari has requested customers who have fallen in to this trap to inform police authorities on 2612-4452 or 2612-3346 if they have any problems.

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